A Career As An Electrician


A Career As An Electrician


If you are planning to become an electrician you will find you need to have quite a number of different skills. Some of these skills include being able to plan well, being able to design electrical systems, various building and carpentry skills are an advantage and of course maintaining electrical systems and an understanding putting together electrical systems and health and safety.

Becoming an electrician does not require going to university. You will need some after school, college training and to get on an apprenticeship that involves some on the job training as well as college training. Most of the job is hands on and on the job training is the only way to properly learn the trade. To find an apprenticeship, have a look for electricians and contact them to see if they are looking to take on any apprentices.

Most apprenticeships lwill last around 4 years and after this time, various exams will need to be taken and then you will classed as a qualified electrician. At this point, you have the choice of working for someone else or working for yourself. Working yourself will require some further tests so you can be passed by a governing body.

As virtually every building has electricity, there is a great need for electricians. New wiring often needs to be run, components updated and electrical systems tested so there is always a call for an electrician.